Walls and Canons

Growing up in Europe meant that the image of towns and cities were not so much gleaming skyscrapers and vast gridded suburbs but historical, compact towns with a labyrinth of streets. And of course they had to have city walls with towering gates, or at least some remnants of that kind of thing.

And of course canons, because what would a good city wall be without a way to pelt the enemy with big heavy iron balls.

But city walls are also a sign of defeat, since they not only keep enemies out, they also state that you have enemies in the first place, because otherwise why would you build that kind of thing. On the other hand the emergence of modern towns without such walls is not because there are no longer any enemies,  the civil wars raging all around the globe are proof of that, but because of technological progress. You put up a wall, somebody invents a cannon to level it again, you build a better wall and they come up with tunnels below to blow it up, you might improve again but they will in time find a new way in.  Any military defence invented will be circumvented eventually, from city walls to the Maginot line to missile defence systems.

I should have realized it sooner, but it was the same with an attempts to prevent me from abusing the internet. Regardless of what blocks I put into my way, I found ways around it…

The only way out is to surrender, to give up the fight, and let somebody else take over. I still fail from time to time, but God is there to pick up the pieces and put me back together.

Because he is kind of an expert in turning losses into victories….

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