What would you say ?

If you could say anything to God, ask anything of him, what would you say ?

Of course we can talk to him any time we want, but now imagine that you would get an immediate, clear, understandable answer… and yes with that I realize that I imply that God usually works in mysterious ways, he does answer, but at least for me it takes forever to even begin to grasp what he is doing, and that is only if I have a good day…

We could ask him about the future, like ‘Will I go to heaven ?’, but do we really want to  know the answer ? If he says yes, fine, but what if he says no ? At that point all hope is lost, and what sense would life make after that ?

We could ask about something big, maybe the Theodice problem, but then would actually I able to understand the answer ? Or even if I were, I probably would go insane trying to remember it or simply to repeat it.

We could praise his glory and give him thanks, but then what should he answer to that ?

there is nothing he hasn’t told me already, there is nothing he doesn’t know already

so in the end it’s probably just  silence

P.S.: although I wouldn’t complain about tomorrow’s lottery numbers…

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