Commitments ? Anyone ?

so I am in this phase of my career where you start to look for permanence, for the security that you don’t get kicked out, for ‘tenure’… and now I’ve got in my reach, nice location, great people, good job, good money, but… well it’s far, far away

now I am used to living not that close to family and most of my friends are spatially dispersed as well (if your friends are from uni and grad school this tends to happen naturally…), so in itself that isn’t that much of an issue.

but it’s that commitment thing. I am now at a stage where I am thinking more and more about this. And since marriage isn’t really on the books, the desire for commitment is transferring towards work, and that’s what I am looking more and more for. On one hand I am kind of ready to make that commitment to stay somewhere for longer, to build up something, to make an impact, yet the offer is from a place far, far away, where everyone says that coming back to Europe would be perfectly understandable. But if that option keeps spooking in my mind, how real is the commitment then really ? 


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post vs pre

watched the Hobbit, fine movie but nevertheless disappointing or more precisely it’s a movie that only works if you watch it before the Lord of the Ring.

it’s a light-hearted introduction to the Middle-earth universe, so it’s kind of boring when we already saw the place and saw the climatic, defining events of its time in three movies… 

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up and down, up and down, up and down….

it’s strange, little things and yet larger effects, trivial comments and yet strong reactions. Sometimes I don’t understand what triggers what and why I feel the way I do…

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Things not to do….

So the day went well, so I have no clue why I started posting in the comments of Fr.Jim Martin’s America magazine blog post….. these things never go well

I might get my english proverbs or quotations wrong, but hey, once more into the breach….


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Adventure, reallly ?

Although I obviously know about it since a long time… but somehow it just hit me that I have absolutely no idea where I will live in a  year.. and that means no clue about town, state, country or even continent….

Anyone up for an adventure ?

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Theme of the day

“Everybody needs a hobby.”
“What’s yours?”

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Don’t know why…

“She sent you after me knowing you are not ready, that you will likely die. Mommy was very bad.” … I absolute don’t want to blame anyone but this is pretty much exactly how I feel right now…

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